Madrid Jazz Festival

Some thoughts on the currently running festival – on concept and programming and of course first of all on the music.

The 28th edition of the festival started on November 2nd with an amazing concert by Pablo Martin, who presented his recent project ‘El Caminero’, featuring besides Pablo’s quintet the flamenco dancer Alfonso Losa and special guests Jorge Pardo and Gerardo Nunez. A fantastic mix of jazz and flamenco and some great individual (Perico Sambeat !!) as well as group performances – a pity that the venue was half full only.

A problem that seems to be based on a festival running for a full month – maybe in times like ours and high unemployment in Spain, not feasible anymore.

Because of travels I had to do I missed Randy Weston, which I heard was incredible and as well Eva Cortes and others. Luckily I could attend the Raul Midon solo performance – always a winner and he got the audience going with his mixture of jazz, blues and folk – some of the new songs he performed make you want him to record soon.

Tonight is one of my favourite acts performing – Kurt Elling, The Gate.

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