Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela featuring Josemi Carmona

Who has heard the album ‘Hands knows how special this project and how great the music is. Now almost 3 years after the album was done and 4 years after Dave and Pepe first met, they are on a tour through Europe again and are better than ever !

The show has changed slightly over this period of time and they are trying new songs as well as new settings, like Dave just with Bandolero and Juan Carmona, the two percussionists of the group, or a trio of Josemi with Juan on second guitar and Bandolero on percussion – an amazing duo of Dave and Pepe and of course all 5 together, playing like a tight group with lots of improvising and smiles all around. They all have fun and seemed to utterly enjoy the evening – and an almost full Auditorium Nacional rightly didn’t let them go without an encore and a standing ovation.

What is so incredible about this adventure for Dave , is that he is actually playing flamenco and not jazz – he is the beat and the heart of this band, but his playing is different and on the song he did with just the two percussionists he almost sounded like a flamenco guitar player. He gave his Thanks  to his teacher Pepe with this song – it couldn’t have been better!

Josemi Carmona, Pepe’s son, did shine especially in the two compositions of Dave they performed on the night, as well as on his on track ‘Tangroove’, taken from his recently released album ‘las pequenas cositas’.

Dave and Pepe and the rest of the group will tour for another two weeks before ending the European show with a concert and a party in Barcelona on November 25th and will then start looking for more repertoire and making the second album.

If you ask me – the sooner, the better!!

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