Anoushka Shankar

‘The Traveller’ (the title of her latest album) stopped in Madrid’s Teatro Circo Price two nights ago and performed for the first time in an almost full venue this new program in the city. Produced by Javier Limon, the album is a voyage from India to Spain, following musically the Gypsies trail through Europe and creating a unique mixture of Indian and European music with a shot of Flamenco on top.

In the performance Anoushka had beside her own group a flamenco guitar, Spanish percussion and a flamenco singer – Sandra Carrasco, one of the new singers in Spain who are starting to built a career and as well a protégé of Javier Limon.

Personally I think this is one of the most exciting meetings of East and West since Shakti, as it combines the true elements of both into one unique sound and expression. As the record, so the live show – beautiful and emotional and technically absolutely amazing what Anoushka does on her instrument.

‘The Traveller’ will be on the road for quite a while still – UK, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Portugal and next year India and the USA. Definitely worth checking out!

It is a pleasure and privilege to attend all these amazing concerts. I will gladly continue to write about the good things I hear and see, as sharing these seems to me more important than writing about something I didn’t like. As all of these experiences are individual and expressions of my taste and musical understanding, it is better to write about positive experiences than negative ones, even so there is no guarantee that everyone else would feel the same as I do in the same concert – or listening to the same record.


Here a record I heard recently which I truly enjoyed:              The Augmented Reality Trio

Roy Assaf, Ronen Itzik, Jorge Roeder –‘augmented reality’.    A piano trio that is performing mainly Roy Assaf’s beautiful and interesting compositions plus a track by Richie Beirach (Leaving) and Benny Carter (Only trust your heart) and an absolute gorgeous version of Alfonsina y El Mar by Ariel Ramirez. Fresh and exciting – worth to look for it and listen.

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