Lizz Wright said:

“I came here to enjoy the evening – so I hope you will as well. Don’t think too much – don’t spoil it, just enjoy!”  And we did!

There are few singers like Lizz Wright – a beautiful and powerful voice, with incredible control and immediately recognizable. A sophisticated song selection or compositions of her own, which are story telling at its best. She gave with her tight and sensitively supporting band (acoustic and electric guitar, bass and drums) an overview of her 4 records, a mix of ballads and up-tempo songs, which she both handled majestically. A new addition to her songbook is the heart-warming Etta James song ‘A Lover Is For Ever’, which she performed with so much power and emotion, that tears were rolling on the faces of parts of the audience – and isn’t that what we want from a great performance, to be emotionally touched? Equally deep was her rendition of the title song of her last album, ‘I remember, I believe’, as well the final encore, a simple arrangement for guitar and voice of ‘Amazing Grace’!


From what she told me after the show, I understand that she is discussing with Raul Midon to tour next summer in Europe together – what a TREAT would that be !! Two such strong and beautiful voices together – for sure worth waiting for!

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