Madeleine Peyroux: Singer

And that’s what she is – a singer and a unique one. Not a jazz singer per se and therefore all the comparisons with Billie Holiday are wrong, just a singer, who plays with the melody of the song, phrases these melody lines differently every time she performs a tune, as if she wanted to re-invent the song newly in every show – and to a point she does – sometimes even changing the lyrics to put in experiences or feelings of the day or moment.

The concert in Madrid at the Teatro Circo Price on November 18th was no exception and it was probably the best I have seen – and I have seen a few! The show was simple, but well built musically and had at the end the audience clapping and singing with her !! Even the all black clothing of the musicians and Madeleine (with the exception of some flowery embroidery on her coat) made sense, as this is a beautiful but dark affair, with moments of sunshine of rare quality.

I think she has now the band she needs to be comfortable on stage, good and solid musicians which weave a carpet of music for her to walk on, to play with the melodies and do whatever comes to mind – the guys are there to support and guide her back if she strays to far. And amazingly all that happens with her seemingly being in control.

The show was a selection of her most famous tracks and a few songs from the new album ‘standing on the rooftop’, from which especially the upbeat ‘Don’t pick a fight with a poet’ and a slow and haunting version of ‘Love in Vain’ stood out.

She for sure makes you think – with her little comments in between songs and of course with her song choice and the lyrics of these. The audience went all the way with her and was rewarded with a great concert. Who can ask for more?

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