Grammy Nominations

Last week the Grammy Nominations in all categories have been announced – not many surprises there, not even any more that especially categories in niche genres have been cut – including Jazz.

For the US market and a few Asian markets these nominations and later the awards themselves are really important in terms of prestige and sales – in Europe maybe a bit for prestige, but hardly ever for sales.

Unfortunately there is nothing comparable in Europe – every country has a few awards for music or certain genres of music, but there is not one great European Music Award, which celebrates music that is either made or successful in Europe. Local awards never travel – who cares in the UK which act won the French pop or jazz or classical award and vice versa? Midem tried to come up with something for classical, but it hardly ever reached more than the French press.

Maybe it is time for the EBU (European Broadcast Union) to come up with a plan that makes sense, creates key categories in pop/rock, world, classical and jazz and sets up a show that is comparable and builds an award that has prestige.

Coming back to the Grammy nominations: of course I am proud that through my work I am associated with some of the nominated recordings (in the jazz categories) –

Best Improvised Jazz Solo – Sonny Rollins, for his solo in ‘Sonnymoon for two’ from his new album Road Shows, Vol.2

Best Jazz Instrumental Album – 2 nominations in that category – Gerald Clayton, ‘Bond: The Paris Sessions’, as well as Sonny Rollins, ‘Road Shows, Vol. 2’

Other artist I work with which got nominations include Kurt Elling, Chick Corea and Miguel Zenon.

Congratulations to all the nominees and I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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