Malecon Street

Yesterday evening at the Teatro Calderon in Madrid was the premiere of the new project by Spanish singer Pitingo – Malecon Street. This is as well the title of his 4th record and a slightly new direction for him, as the previous three were either more straight flamenco or versions of popular songs, done the Ptitingo style – flamenco with a choir!!

Malecon Street is about Cuba, is about the ‘forgotten’ composers and song writers of this in music so rich country!

The band is mainly from Cuba, with the exception of Juan Carmona, who joined for two songs and brought a more flamenco enriched flavour to the proceedings. Pitingo, a major star in his native Spain, is a singer of rare qualities – whatever he makes his own, he performs with all he got to put into a song – the power and emotions are amazing and his control is simply exceptional. Of course the recording and show has a few famous Cuban songs in it – Guantanamera and Quizas, Quizas for example, which he tackles without fault. The rest are showcases of his amazing voice and real good song writing. He for sure gets the audience going and at the end he has them all dancing and singing – even more so when he starts his ‘hits’ – the Spanish language flamenco versions of ‘Killing me softly with this song’ and ‘I will survive’. The audience sings and can’t get enough – no surprise – Pitingo is a star and should be one all over the world. Might take some time still, but it could (and should) happen.


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