La Shica

The first show of the New Year – and it is going to be a tough one to top ! A mixture of flamenco, rock, cabaret and dance is what makes La Shica so unique – and of course – she is a great singer too. But first of all she is an entertainer, with deep thoughts and songs about domestic abuse and other topics not normally used as song lyrics. The way she communicates with her audience, tells them about the songs and the contents of them, is pretty amazing – serious, but with a great sense of humour. I didn’t understand everything (still need to improve my Spanish a lot …), but the overall feel of the show was just great – she makes you smile and then draws you into a darker side musically and releases with another humoresque interlude.

Just with electric guitar, bass and drums she can do about everything (with a little help from some electronics) and when she starts dancing …. movements in emotion and style!

She got it all – and the show is travelling – London in February and New York in march. Check it out – even if you don’t speak Spanish – you’ll love it.

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