let’s start with the art of movies – saw two very different, but similar ones in the last few weeks – both in a sense similar as they are feel-good films, different in the way of the storytelling.

‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (for the elderly and beautiful) is a great story about life, retirement, dreams and change. A wisely told story which makes you smile and warm in the heart, as it is great in dialogue and visuals and with some absolutely great acting – led by Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and Bill Nighy. A little philosophical gem in  the world of movies.

‘Le Havre’, the new film by Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki, is similar beautiful and uplifting in its message, but different in the way the story is told – here we are faced with poverty and the daily fight for making the money needed to pay bills etc., but in this world people stick together and support and help are unconditional. With simple dialogues and unspectacular visuals Kaurismaki tells a story of defiance and support and love. A simple lesson in Life, but a very positive one.

Ketil Bjornstad is know as an excellent and unique pianist, who crosses borders between classical and jazz in his compositions and playing. But he is as well an accomplished writer and his biggest success has been a book called in its original ‘til musikken’ (‘To The Music’ in English), which became a hit in Germany and France and meanwhile has been translated into 10 languages. It is the first book in a trilogy about the growing up of classical piano talent Aksel Vinding, who in a way is a contemporary Werther and we follow his life and loss and he becomes part of us, as his experiences are part of everyone’s life and still are so special for this character. I can only recommend these books, even so I am not aware yet if the second and third part are translated into anything else than German, but even the first part is worth reading on its own, as it is essential European literature of today.

The Art of Music – no way not to mention at least one CD or group in jazz that crossed my ways and which I really enjoy – today it is rgg, a Polish trio by Przemyslaw Raminiak on piano, Maciej Garbowski on bass and Krzystof Gradziuk on drums. I found their music through Take Five Europe and have since heard all 4 recordings these guys released in Poland and simple love each one of them – great compositions and fantastic interplay with many different influences, but so creating something unique in sound and flow of the music. The latest album, simply called ‘one’, like one of the compositions on the recording, is a great mix of originals and compositions by Carla Bley (Around Again), Richie Beirach (Elm) and Beady Belle (her beautiful ‘when my anger starts to cry’) – one of the highlights of the record. These guys are worth to be discovered !!


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