Without Walls

Dorantes is a pianist, whose background is foremost Flamenco, but who is as well versed in European Classical music and jazz. Yesterday he did a little showcase in Madrid’s Cata Studios, just for media and retail and it was simply amazing. I had heard the new album Sin Muros, but the short live show was absolutely beyond – he is a great pianist, a fantastic improviser, who has the sensibility and emotions of Flamenco and still swings like hell and in-between has little beautiful melodies, reminiscent of classical motifs. Full of ideas, full of surprising changes, but logical in a sense of music and creating something new and exciting.

The album has a bunch of guest performers, including the great French bass player Renaud Garcia-Fons on Sin Muros Ni Candados, the fantastic singer Carmen Linares and Noa on one track each, as well as the late Enrique Morente on Refugio, one of the highlights of the album and probably Enrique’s final recording session. The song, based on a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca, is very haunting, emotional and a great vehicle for Morente’s unique voice.

Sin Muros ends with a piece called Ante El Espejo, a ‘free’ work in 4 movements for solo piano – and it basically shows all the facets of this great artist: his roots and inspirations, his stylistic class and great improvisational skills. Music without Walls – honest and unique and crossing stylistic borders as if they are not there. Really special!


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