Madrid Jazz

A few days ago the program for the XXIX version of the Madrid Jazz Festival was announced – a bit late for a festival that starts on November 6th …but it seems there has been a lot going on behind the scenes to make this edition happen at all and it seems, unfortunately, that not much has changed (yet), as a lot of the performing artists (the local ones for sure) will have to play for what is taken at the door … sometimes not enough to cover costs … and marketing and promotion still is something the Madrid Festival will have to improve on!! But let’s have a look at some of the highlights of the festival – Omar Sosa with Paolo Fresu, should be one; Albert Sanz with bassist Javier Colina and drummer Al Foster for sure is another one; Stacey Kent and Jorge Prado are rounding up the best of what is going to happen at the Teatro Fernan Gomez. At the Teatro Circo Price we’ll have another chance to see the wonderful Silvia Perez Cruz, an all star Flamenco project, Oscar D’Leon and Patti Smith and finally Incognito. At the Conde Duque we can enjoy the best of the Spanish jazz scenw, like Perico Sambeat and a focus on Italy’s women in Jazz, like Rita Marcotulli or Maria Pia de Vito. Interesting, but the program is far from what Barcelona is offering at the same time. Maybe next year – a bit less, a bit better promoted and announced, a bit more interesting in the mix of international and local and a bit better for the performing acts as well.

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