Take Five Switzerland

The concept works and travels …. after meanwhile 8 versions of the Take Five UK, the original program, and then 2 of Take Five Europe, this week saw the first ever Take Five Switzerland, hosted by ProHelvetia and arranged and conducted by Serious Events, who as well did all the other programs. The participating artists were:

The schedule looked a bit different to the previous ones for Europe, as it was adapted to the needs of these musicians – and therefore focused more on to learn about other EU countries and regions and their jazz scene, as means to make it easier to get into these markets.

Their first music session was with Norwegian Jan Bang, who improvised with these musicians based on sounds and samples he uses and they partly created some astonishing music, just improvising and listening to each other. Each of these guys can perform and improvise on a very high level and one piece especially was truly exceptional for a spontaneous composition and left us all deeply impressed.

20130513_114158  Jan Bang with Elina Duni and Andreas Schaerer

The discussions in and with the group were extremely good and it turned out that one of the main problems we seem to have in Europe is the lack of exchange of artists in the various countries – there is a lot of effort made to export the music of the home market, but less to exchange musicians with another country, which would make it easier for all artists to travel and learn. Something that should be picked up and worked on by Take Five Europe and the European Jazz network and all the festival groups in Europe, as they are as well in a position to do so. One turns up to teach and learns instead!



I went to London to see Kat Edmonson perform in the St. Pancras Church. The young American singer and songwriter played songs from her 2012 US release Way Down Low, which will be available mid July in Europe (on Okeh Records) and charmed her audience. She is a truly talented performer, who captures your attention and doesn’t let go throughout the concert – her stage presence is strong, without being in your face. Her songs are clever little stories and she is a great story teller. A recognisable voice, with hints of Blossom Dearie or Silje Nergaard, but all her own in her way of singing and phrasing. Amazing control and power, which she showed off to great effect in a blues they performed. She will be back in Europe this summer for some festivals and then again in the fall … and check your radio in the coming months .. her song Lucky should get a lot of airplay.

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