Last Minute Band ……

That’s what Pablo Martin Caminero called his quartet, with whom he performed on August 3rd in Madrid’s Bogui Jazz club. He got the offer to play there, but his normal flamenco/jazz band wasn’t available .. so what to do? “I went on” he said with a cheeky smile …. which meant he called a few friends, with whom he hadn’t played for a while and never in this set-up before and went with them through the music and the got an stage … and played !!! Pepe Rivero is a great pianist in his own right, who just has released a fantastic double CD ‘Homage to Monk’, and he showed all his amazing skills in some extraordinary soli; trumpet player Enriquito normally plays flamenco and not jazz, but he proved a imaginative force and an interesting improviser and drummer Daniel Garcia held the rhythm and played some exciting soli as well. Pablo called the shots – he opened the evening with a bass solo based on a piece by Bach (which gave away his classical training) and after some standards they started to play his compositions – an exciting mixture of jazz and flamenco, done in the most normal way, as only someone who lives in both worlds can do it. Hi splaying is immaculate and he has a very beautiful sound on the bass, swings, cries like a flamenco guitar sometimes and improvises the most captivating soli …


Pablo has started working on his new album – with his usual group of musicians and hopefully the new record will be done soon, because if it is as good as the previous one ‘El Caminero’ I want to hear it soon ….. To give you an idea of what his music is all about, check out  below video, which is a track dedicated to Dave Holland and is from the album mentioned before:

Pablo Martin Quintet “El 13 de la suerte” con ALfonso Losa

Enjoy !

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