MP3 at its best

and with MP3 I don’t mean the sound format, but the Madeleine Peyroux Trio, which I saw last Friday at Ronnie Scott’s in London.

Madeleine, vocals and guitar, with Jon Herington, guitar and Barak Mori, bass – a trio that has been part of some of Madeleine’s previous groups since 2006 and therefore now has a great understanding and communication between them. The intimate setting suits Madeleine well – even so she has more focus on her vocal delivery, she seems more relaxed in the small group and has the full support of both musicians, which add sounds and fill spaces with ease. Herington is an excellent guitar player with a jazzy sound, who played with Steely Dan among others, his little soli showing great touch and feeling and Mori a solid anchor in the songs with beautiful solo efforts which are surprising and musically good.They perform together songs from all of Madeleine’s records, the odd standard and all sounds great and personal, as if she was singing just for you. The small venue surely helps, but I have been told that she did extremely well with the same set up at the Norwich festival in front of 1500 people.


Let’s hope that she will tour with these two guys more often now – it seems that they get the best out of her and when she is at her best … she is very special indeed!!!

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