Somethin’ Else ….

Continuing from the previous block from New York – the following day I went out with my A&R colleagues from Masterworks to see a young singer/songwriter performing – Kate Yeager. Kate has a good voice for the slightly rock oriented songs she presented on her own, just with her guitar. Some of the songs are actually pretty cool and I wondered how much more powerful they could sound if presented with a full band. Kate needs to learn a bit about stage presence and presentation, but that will come with more gigs. An interesting young lady with some potential.

After her came Danielia Cotton on the small stage and she really surprised me with a great rock voice and some really good rock songs – I am the Lighthouse Keeper is still running around in my head and I am mentally singing along with the hook ….. and her version of Purple Haze alone is worth checking her out. She got a good band too and the new album , with Lighthouse Keeper, is due to be released soon.

Back from New York and then off to Berlin – a little trip down Memory Lane, as I showed my wife places I used to live and went to school when living in Berlin in the 60’s as a kid …. And of course music! First we went to see Dolly Parton – not usually an act I have on my list to see live, but the opportunity presented itself and we took it and we enjoyed it immensely! She is a true entertainer, engaging with the audience via stories of her life, performing with a great band and a still amazing voice all of her hits – and there are many. And some covers, like a gospel version of Bon Jovi’s Lay Your Hands On Me! A great night out.


Next day it was the amazing and legendary Sergio Mendes, who performed in Berlin as part of his European tour to promote the new album MAGIC – a groovy, Brazilian album with great music and a host of special guests. Live the new songs fitted perfect into his program of all time hits, first of all Mas Que Nada, which he still plays with full energy and the audience sings along with him and his wife Gracinha, the lead singer in a the excellent band. Sergio knows how to pace the show, make the people dance and give them a good time …. And what more can we ask for from a concert anyway?


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