B.B, Bruce and Bob R.I.P.

It has been a few tough weeks for the music world – the passing of three influential and important people have left a big void … possibly one not to be filled ever.

B.B. King truly was the King of Blues, defining a genre over 5 decades of music making. I heard him first on an album my father had at home when I was about 10 or 11 – Live at the Regal, which is worth checking out, a gem among the many great recordings B. B. left for us. I am glad I did see him perform as well – a special musician with a unique sound on his instrument, a great performer and someone who never stopped being creative and spontaneous on stage.

Bruce Lundvall might not be known to the general public as such, but he has been an immensely respected and influential music business executive – from Electra Musician to the revamp of the prestigious Blue Note label, he did it all – with a passion and love for the music and their creators, which has been second to none. For me he was kind of a role model in many ways – the passion, the determination, his way in treating artists fairly and honest and the good taste in picking the right artists at the right time and sticking with them … lots to learn there. I met the man a few times and we chatted about music … what else? I recommend to everyone to read his biography, to get some insight into this man’s life and work.

Bob Belden, the immensely talented musician, composer, producer, writer, was a true renaissance man, who, being just 58 years old, passed away much too soon. We had met a few times over the years and the kind spirit he was, we stayed in touch, him sending the occasional track, info what he was working on or an article about one of his projects, deservedly proud about the reviews he got. Just a few months back he had a trip to Iran, on which the NY Times reported – asked in an email how the experience going there was, he just wrote to me: ‘Amazing! Beyond my wildest dreams’. I am glad he could live this dream.



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