It’s a kind of magic …

In a way music surely is magic –out of nothing sounds are created, connected and then give rhythm, melody and, in the best cases, emotions.

The two shows I saw last week, as different as they were, both gave you the performers’ feelings and therefore could touch emotions within the listeners as well. Josemi Carmona, guitarist extraordinaire and Javier Colina, Spanish bass master presented, with the help of percussionist Bandolero, their new album De Cerca. From wonderful originals played as a duo or trio to some tracks with guest vocalist Antonio Montoya or with special guest Jorge Pardo on flute – this was all about beauty and melody.  Josemi can of course do the fast runs on the guitar, but in general he is a flamenco player with a jazz feel that is based in melodic playing with rhythmic undertones – the beautiful version of ‘You and the night and the music’ is an amazing example of that approach. Colina not standing much behind with some of his soli being impressive in terms of ideas and expression and Bandolero has grown into a full flamenco drummer from the cajon player of early – sensitive in his support of the two masters. De Cerca is for sure an album worth listening to and if these guys come by any chance to your home town to perform – don’t miss it!


A different kind of magician is Dhafer Youssef, the Tunisian oud master and singer, who performed with his band at the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris on Thursday, April 7th. The venue (sold out with around 2000 people) was the perfect place for him – carrying his incredible voice in every corner of the hall, giving the audience the Goosebumps …. The band featured the young pianist Isfar Sarabski, Phil Donkin on bass and Ferenc Nemeth drums and long-time collaborator Eivind Aarset on guitar and they performed on an incredible level and supported the voice of Dhafer perfectly – grooving when necessary or supporting melody and ambient sounds when requested. Besides the incredible painter of sounds Aarset, especially new pianist Isfar Sarabski was a bit of a surprise with his almost classical touch in the ballads and his powerful sounds when pushing the rhythm. Beautiful as well in a haunting ballad that Dhafer just performed with him and Phil on bass … here the voice was just riding over the two other instruments in clarity and emotions carrying beauty, which is hard to describe …. Feel it and you will know what I mean. Not many voices can carry so much message without words, can touch by simply expressing emotions – and always ending in a uplifting tone.  If you need a bit of magic in your life, music can provide it and Dhafer is one of the top artists in that respect. The audience in Paris definitely agreed with that and gave him a standing ovation plus asking for 2 encores … after almost 2 hours of music previously. Magic!


R.I.P Gato Barbieri  –  Magic as well was when ‘El Gato’ took his horn up – the early Impulse Recordings or the Flying Dutchman releases … up to the softer Columbia ones … and not to forget that famous soundtrack … he took Latin Jazz to a new level and audience and I was glad to have seen and heard him in the 70’s – powerful rhythms and improvisation of the highest level. Unforgettable.

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