Pianists and other music

Over the last weeks I saw two very different pianists – a young one, still developing and showing great promise and a more experienced and settled one. Let’s start with the young one: Guy Mintus, whom I had meet at the Montreux Academy earlier this year, as he had been in the piano competition final there the year before – a young man of immense talent, who performed a self-booked gig in Madrid and presented some of his own compositions and some standards, solo on the piano, just using the occasional loop to add some clapping or vocal bits to the piano improvisations. His own pieces are full of beautiful little melodies and surprising changes and allow the listener to fall into the music easily – his improvisations on known themes like All Of You are full of ideas and understanding and are going to the essence of the song. He did start occasionally to sing as well, something he is experimenting with since a few months, but for me isn’t half as good as his piano playing – which I believe, with the right focus, will make him a musician to watch out in the future.


Luciano Supervielle is an accomplished pianist, keyboarder, who has performed with Jorge Drexler and is a prominent member of Bajofondo (formerly known as Bajofondo Tango Club) and he as well performed solo in Madrid  a few days ago … piano, keyboards, samples, beats and turntables were at his disposal to create partly solo pieces that could be modern classical music – with beautiful melodies and simplicity and partly grooving modern  tracks with cool beats and tasteful selected samples and piano work – even including the powerful Perfume, from the first Bajofondo Tango Club album – a great version that got the audience going!!!The show was truly amazing – his use of all the tools he had always enhanced the song, which was performed perfectly on the great sounding piano in the Café Berlin. Luciano is slowly stepping out of the shadow of Bajofondo and building himself a reputation as a composer and performer.


Some new CDs I am listening to at the moment:  I just love what Belgian pianist Jef Neve is doing and his new album Spirit Control is no exception – this time he is using strings and horns to enhance his compositions and is creating hauntingly beautiful and captivating music that defies categories. Freefall is a touching piano/vocal duo recording by singer Anna Lauvergnac and her music partner of many years Claus Raible. Spontaneous captured in the studio, these songs are all about musical communication, understanding and challenging each other within the songs, getting the best out of each musician that way and at the same time bring the standards of these recordings to life. Definitely worth to check out.

Then I am listening as well to  some older CDs – kind of hearing back stuff I like and haven’t heard for a while … Julius Hemphill’s The Hard Blues from his album Reflections … so much power, so much energy and deep musical expressions. That track is just incredible. And as well the Nobuyoshi Ino & Lester Bowie album DUET with the masterful bass/trumpet version of Sting’s Moon Over Bourbon Street – a track I revisit frequently for many years.. and the rest of the album is pretty cool as well.

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