a world full of music

Antonio Lizana, saxophonist and singer, just released his new album Oriente, which includes 11 songs of his unique jazz and flamenco mix and he presented 6 of the new songs in a short showcase at the Casa Arabe in Madrid. The evening, held outdoors, included as well painting (live to the music) and food – one specially created tapa for each song of the album. Lizana is a great flamenco singer and jazz sax player and when he improvises he is truly a jazz man and when he sings he is truly flamenco – combining both worlds without losing the strengths of each of them is remarkable and rewarding for the listener. This is the third album by Antonio and musically he is more leaning to Arab influences … but still in Flamenco terms and the jazz idiom. The song Fronteras being a good example of that, and so is Vengo Perdio. All in all a really good album, a great show and some good tapas! What more can one ask for?


Ganavya is not only are very charming and bright young woman, but as well one amazing singer and she proved that again when performing in Madrid recently with her Spanish band featuring Albert Sanz on piano, Pablo Martin Caminero on bass and Borja Barrueta on drums and on three songs Rajna Swaminathan on a small hand drum! Songs from her forthcoming first album (to be finally released in the fall) made most of the repertoire of the night, but as well some new songs … like a gorgeous version of Blackbird and a touching and intense duo with pianist Sanz on Ornette Coleman’s Lonely Woman, to which she wrote her own lyrics. Mesmerizing! Whenever you get a chance to hear this young singer .. please don’t miss her … there is some magic happening!!


Some music I am listening to at the moment: 

Bill Frisell / Thomas Morgan – Small Town

Sublime duo conversations between guitar and bass over themes by Paul Motian, Lee Konitz and others. Each listen is rewarding and leads to more discoveries in their expressions.

The Great Harry Hillman – TILT

This Swiss band featuring Nils Fischer on reeds, David Koch on guitars and effects, Samuel Huwyler on bass and Dominic Mahnig on drums delivers a very cool record with great music and lots of variety – from ambient sounds to hard hitting, grooving jazz, this disc contains it all and it makes sense, as The Great Harry Hillman has its own sound.  A discovery.

Silvia Perez Cruz – Vestida de nit

The new album of Spain’s most exciting current artist is another stepping stone in her career – a great song selection from various composers/writers and some originals to a very touching version of Leonard Cohens Hallelujah, make this record standing out. Her own songs Ai, ai ai and Loca are incredible and so is the rest … can’t stop listening ….an artist the world will discover!

Looking back …. Leon Thomas – Anthology

Just his version of The Creator has a Master Plan on this album is worth listening to  … and the rest is pretty awesome as well … Song for my Father, It’s my life I’m fighting for …. What a control of his voice, what a beautiful sound. Unforgettable when I saw him with Santana in 1973 … always great to listen back and so keep moving forward.

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