fresh music

a few records I did enjoy listening to over the last few weeks:

Weird Turn Pro / Let Me Be Unwound – led by pianist/composer Mike Effenberger, WTP as well features Matt Langley on reeds, Chris Klaxton on trumpet, Chris Gagne on trombone, Rob Gerry on bass and Mike Walsh on drums and creates a floating, repetitive, jazz inspired music that is minimalistic and meditative. The sextet often sounds as a much bigger ensemble, pushing the tiny melodic phrases around and ‘embracing repetition as form of change’. Music like a river: seemingly being the same without ever being so … as minimal changes constantly occur. Fascinating!

Kobie Watkins Grouptet / Movement – Watkins, a former drummer with Sonny Rollins, presents his first album with his new band Grouptet, which features Jonathan Armstrong on sax, Ryan Nielsen on trumpet, Justin Nielsen on piano and Aaron Miller on bass. ‘Movement’ is a hard-swinging traditional jazz album in the best sense – great compositions, wonderful ensemble-play and individual contributions and a really good version of ‘Manteca’!!  Worth checking out!!

  WTP   Kobie

Michael Leonhart Orchestra / The Painted Lady Suite – I had seen the MLO last year in New York and have been waiting ever since for their debut album .. and multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger Michael Leonhart does not disappoint with this orchestral debut: powerful compositions and arrangements, plus some incredible individual performances and soli, make this an outstanding album for any fan of larger ensembles. The Suite takes 7 of the 10 tracks of the album and is based on the migration of the Painted Lady Butterfly and has some wonderful compositions and arrangements with a very unique signature. Outstanding soloists in a cast of over 30 musicians are Nels Cline (in ‘Music Your Grandparents Would Like’) and Donny McCaslin (in ‘In the Kingdom Of MQ’). This is a captivating mix of traditional big band arrangements with new sounds and new ideas, a bit of Zappa and Vienna Art Orchestra thrown in and you get one of the most exciting new big ensemble voices for a while. A must!!!!!

Simone Kopmajer / Spotlight On Jazz – leading Austrian Jazz singer Simone Kopmajer recorded her new album with some of the best local musicians – Terry Myers on sax and clarinet, Paul Urbanek on piano, Martin Spitzer on guitar, Karl Sayer on bass and Reinhard Winkler on drums and they give her the background for her swinging and traditional jazz singing. She stylishly mixes her own compositions with standards and is so creating a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere to listen to these extremely well-presented songs. For the quiet hours of the day!

MLO    simone_cover_spotlightonjazz

John Pittman / Kinship – Canadian trumpet player John Pittman, who made himself a name as part of the Heavyweights Brass Band just released his debut album, featuring Shirantha Beddage on baritone sax, Jeff McLeod on piano, Mike Dones on bass and Curtis Nowosad on drums and ‘Kinship’ is a cool and swinging core jazz album, with really good compositions and musicians that were chosen for their kinship with the leader and the way they can communicate via music. Pittman is a great trumpet player and improviser, who surely deserves wider recognition!

Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy / Let Your Light Shine On – Italian composer, guitarist and DJ Nicola Conte delivers with ‘Let Your Light Shine On’ a very strong homage to the Afrocentric spiritual music of John Coltrane. And as usual he has assembled to top band to bring his compositions to life – among many others the album features contributions by Theo Croker on trumpet, saxophonists Logan Richardson and Magnus Lindgren, as well as Zara McFarlane on vocals. Great grooves, great ensemble play and soli on what must be seen as one of Conte’s best recordings so far. Recommended!

Kinship cover idea 6 001    NC

Paolo Vinaccia / Mystery Man – This 6 CD box set was released in Norway earlier this year to celebrate the drum masters 64th birthday and features 64 tracks from recordings made between 1981 and 2018 plus an interview disc with an additional 9 tracks from a radio show done by journalist Tor Hammerø. All these tracks of various musical genres have the sensitive drumming of Paolo Vinaccia in common and it is fascinating to listen how he can adapt to whatever musical environment and make the music all his own and still make it work for whoever he is recording. He listens, communicates and makes sure that the music sounds great – keeping himself in the background, only stepping up when needed to increase the groove or add something to lift the composition. The list of musicians with whom Paolo played and recorded is endless and includes almost all the main Norwegian jazz artists of our time – Terje Rypdal, Bugge Wesseltoft, Arild Andersen, Nils Petter Molvaer, Beady Belle, Sidsel Endresen, Eivind Aarset, Bendik Hofseth, etc., plus international acts like Mike Mainieri, Ferenc Snetberger, Tommy Smith and Henry Kaiser. This box confirms what they all knew already: Paolo Vinaccia is one of the most accomplished European drummers of our time.



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